Katrina Bennett

 Chief Piercer

Kat got her first body piercing on a day trip to Santa Cruz, California. She was sixteen. She talked her mom into letting her get her tongue pierced. Katrina had the choice of a 14 gauge, 12g, and 10g barbell. She chose the 10 gauge without hesitation, which was the thickest bar she could have chosen! Kat started her piercing career in 2004 and in 2008 she was hired at Staircase Tattoo and Piercing, where she got her very first body piercing.

Kat is a Sacramento native. After graduating from Sacramento High, she fell in love with the bohemian lifestyle. Her favorite local spots are Capital Park, the American River Bike Trail, Yoga Loka, and Identity Coffee Roasters.

Douglas Mower

Social Media & Counter Manager

Doug moved to midtown Sacramento from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in the summer of 2004 in search of fun, excitement and opportunity.  He fell in love with the hot weather, abundant trees, and general vibe of the midtown area, so he decided to stick around for good!  After spending most of his adult life working in kitchens, he is ready to branch off and get even more involved with his community by becoming an entrepreneur.

Doug loves all kinds of neat stuff, including 80's freestyle BMX bikes, weird music, the Detroit Red Wings, mountains, fitness, good food, coffee, sneakers, swimming holes, and cooking.

Damon Tannyhill

Assistant Piercer

Damon graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology with a focus on cultural anthropology and archaeology.  He soon came to the realization that his true passion was body modification and piercing, not academia.  While living in Santa Cruz, he sought employment at Anatometal, where he gained a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with body jewelry.  During his tenure at Anatometal, he completed the Fakir Intensives Basic Piercing Course in San Francisco.  Damon has now returned to his hometown, Davis, CA, to become the newest member of the Chief Piercing team.

Over the last 5 years, Damon's enthusiasm for piercing has led him to get 21 piercings.  He is also an avid skater who enjoys biking, hardcore punk, hip-hop, anime, horror films, and going out with friends.